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Friday, October 15, 2010

iCharity iTalentz: iCharity iTalentz Drive 2010

iCharity iTalentz: iCharity iTalentz Drive 2010: "Sponsors Needed for A “Community Outreach Multiplier” Program ___________________ iTutor Community Outreach Multiplier 2010 iCharity iTale..."

Friday, August 6, 2010

I am having Fun with Maths

World Fastest Math


Lawrence Lim commented on your link:

"Interesting software this will no doubt be a great help to teacher,students and parents. It will be nice if our Government can sanction this."

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Master My Math - Confident Learners Interactive Math

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We nurture Creative Confident Learners ,
We are interactive innovative intelligent Math
Who say Maths is difficult ?
iTutor will make sure u love Maths and find it as EASY as ABC

Master My Math provides Excellent Tuition and Remediation Realisations for students through DRILL and PRACTICE .We make the learning of mathematics fun and easy and an invaluable to the students.

Our program has been designed to cover primary & secondary mathematics' syllabuses and provides drilling and practice focused directly on the individual requirements of the pupil. All our programme is specially tailored made according to each child's learning abilities and capabilities. We focus on child's weakness through Steps by Steps Methods. We progress and eventually each child will maximise their Maths potential through our special MMM mastery method. Most of our students improve tremendously and eventually achieved their Targets. Many scored A after intensive workshop & revision . Many F9 students scored A for their GCE O level exam.

MMM is an excellent tool for revision. Students can select a topic and work through the eight or so concepts as many times as they wish because each time they receive different questions.
Students are able to work at their own pace so that the more able student can master the topic and move on quickly and the less able student can work through the exercises as often as they like until they master the topic.
This teaching aid has tremendous benefits for the student who wishes to work at their own pace to improve or excel their mathematical skills.
Available in K1 K2 & Primary & Secondary levels:
Kindergarden Primary Secondary
The Maths  program is suitable for all students from age 2 to 18 and Adults , any individual or family who would like to improve or consolidate their mathematical knowledge and understanding. It is also of great assistance to the home study student, and to those who have missed school due to various  reasons & circumstances.iMaths iTutor - Benefits Check up our world wide web @ World Fastest Maths Instruction

iTutor is the fastest maths system in the world, enabling students to do more sums per minute than any other system. Results are provided quickly and accurately. Children who progress quickly are, or become, eager, self-motivated learners.
Learners can visit and re-visit concepts not yet fully understood. This gives them the opportunity to master and retain the knowledge needed to further their mathematical learning.
The Autopilot feature intelligently adapts the exercise content and difficulty according to the student's performance. This ensures that students are given calculations, which are challenging yet manageable.
Learners progress at their own pace.
Students are able to reinforce and test their own understanding while increasing their speed and accuracy in problem solving.
Assessments are grade-defined.

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  7. I attended a parent workshop with Adeline on " How to teach your child to unleash their potential " This program helps me to guide my child to focus on their weakness through Drill & Practice , I now know how to explain maths concepts to her and which order to work through things in. It's surprisingly easy like ABC to get my twins to sit down and do their maths 20 minutes everyday  ”
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